Blue Whale Cruises is a blog for all the travelers who both want to have the ideas on where to explore next, and for those who wants to share their experiences with others. I created this blog as a medium of expressing my experiences while travelling and discovering other places and things to do.

The blog caters your every need. From tips on where to go, what to eat and what to do on every places, to how to save up while on the road. And I know that not everyone can travel in just a heartbeat, I understand that, because that is also the case for me, so the blog gives tips on how to efficiently save enough money in order to travel, and more importantly, how to make every cent worth the spending.  Blue Whale Cruise also gives the latest news and current events, so while planning a travel you will have an idea on what has been happening on the place you are planning to visit.

Feel free to cruise with me. Follow for the latest tips and news. For your inquiries, please contact me and I’ll make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible